Fluid Applied Air Barriers for Quad Cities Building Protection

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Fluid Applied Air Barrier (FAAB)

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Fluid Applied Air Barrier (FAAB) is one of the efficient methods of providing air and vapor protection to buildings. Made from acrylic, bitumen-based, or elastomeric polymers, the FAAB have excellent elongation, setting, water and air resistance properties. Air tightness, indoor air quality, energy efficiency, moisture protection are the main benefits of applying FAAB.

The traditional housewrap tears, rips, and may fall off even before applying the siding or roofing. The FAAB settles faster and is easy to apply on large surfaces. For windows and doors, FAAB provides an excellent way of sealing. The chances of errors while applying FAAB are less and can be applied even by a beginner.

Fluid Appled Air Barrier provides long term airtightness to a building. Any moisture is repeled from the FAAB and there is less penetration in to the substrate. Vapor permission and prevention is possible to prevent rotting and mold issues.

Special care is required for applying and storing the material. FAAB is a liquid material which is available from different manufacturers. FAAB with thickness 6 mil to 25 mil are known as thin FAAB and the ones with thickness 25 mil to 80 mil are known are thick FAAB. Contractors use a milgauge to measure the thickness of the application and can alter the coating.

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FAAB can be applied on the exterior and interior of the walls, roofs, metal surfaces, brick, flat roofs, and all types of substrates. Liquid applied flashing are also used on doors and windows for total sealing. The liquid barrier is applied by spraying, rolling, brushing, or using trowels or power rollers.


FAAB: Metal Roofs

Backrolling is necessary to prevent lumps and seams are covered with reinforcing mesh before applying FAAB. All joints are filled with a joint compound and are allowed to set before spraying the rest of the walls. Even application and detailing is a key aspect for optimal performance of FAAB.

The American Air Barrier Association provides detailed training, testing, and other standards for applying FAAB. Manufacturers provide compatible material and instructions for applying the Fluid Applied Liquid Barrier. FAAB is a modern method to meet the cool and energy building codes across the country.

Quad Cities



Quad Cities is the largest Metropolitan area in between Des Moines and Chicago. Comprising of four cities and six counties, the Greater Quad Cities is emerging as the rapidly increasing economy in the MidWest. Large manufacturing industries and Fortune 500 companies set up their head quarters and operations in the QC. Access to airports, interstates, Mississippi waterways, and railroads made QC home to many residents.

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Properties, Apartments, and other new construction buildings are on the rise. Many homes in the Quad Cities are upgrading as part of the regular home improvement projects. Using FAAB for the windows and doors is also rising as part of the upgrades. Industries and manufacturing units are opting for green and sustainable buildings to increase the energy efficiency.


QC Buildings

Fluid Applied Air Barrier is a possible solution for Quad Cities buildings to conserve the energy of the local buildings. Airtightness, clean air, moisture proof enclosures, and weather resistant barriers are needed for QC buildings because of the year round storms and precipitation. High winds and tornadoes, Snow and ice dams are common for the residential and commercial buildings alike in the area. The FAAB proves to be the best solution for the QC buildings as it provides superior weather protection.


Abundant labor are available in the Quad Cities to install the FAAB. Compatible material can be pre-ordered from the local suppliers. Different manufacturers recommend applying FAAB for their roofing, siding, windows, doors, flat roofs, and so on. QC FAAB is also applied with synthetic underlayment where ever needed. Some FAAB can also be applied in temperatures as low as ten degrees Fahrenheit.

However, FAAB application in the Quad Cities can be limited due to the extreme weather conditions. The installing and storing temperatures are pre-determined for the FAAB products. Dry conditions are also needed for the material to set. Some thin FAAB may require immediate installation of siding or roofing after setting. Prolong exposure to ultra violet rays may cause the QC FAAB to crack creating air leaks.


The cost of the Fluid Applied Air Barriers varies with the type and manufacturer.

  • A five gallon pail of the liquid applied barrier from top manufacturers costs around $300 that covers around 150 square feet of surface in wet thick applications.
  • Additional costs may involve for models such as low temperature, thicker FAAB, rubber material, type of substrate including brick, concrete, masonry units, and so on.
  • Special liquid flashing tape, sealant, or joint compound may be needed for special applications.
  • Other costs depend on the type of application such as roller, brush, or sprayer.

Labor costs depend up on the total surface to be sprayed. For large contractors, labor savings are possible as the FAAB takes considerably less time when compared to nailing house wrap. The chance of errors are also less with FAAB application because of the ease of coating. Builders find the cost of FAAB material is similar to the house wrap from the same manufacturer. However, labor costs can be saved with FAAB, as it is faster to apply and cure. Some builders choose to roll the FAAB as there are several seams and joints involved. Any left over material can be used for water proofing foundation, tiled showers, decks, and so on.


QC FAAB: Flat Roofs

Olde Town Group

Olde Town Group

QC FAAB Contractor: Olde Town Group

Olde Town Group is the leading FAAB contractor in the MidWest. Owned by Sean Vogler, Olde Town Group has accomplished thousands of projects in the area. The experts at the group can test your building for air tightness and suggest appropriate FAAB. The professional crew can provide long term solutions for your building.

Roofing, siding, windows, remodeling, historic renovations for residential and commercial contracting are the key services from the Olde Town Group.

Olde Town Roofing

Roofing Division: Olde Town Roofing

The products from Olde Town Group are from top manufacturers including IKO, CertainTeed, James Hardie, Andersen, Dupont, and so on. They install compatible material for the warranties to be effective. Olde Town Group's services are preferred by many customers due to their professional home improvement work.

Olde Town Group can provide required documentation for insurance claims processing and can guide to financing partners if required. Call Olde Town Group at 3097385550 or 3095171676 for more information about their QC FAAB products and services.